Erta Ale lava lake overflowing (archive image from Dec 2010)
Monday, Jan 18, 2016
The lava lake of Erta Ale has overflown, our correspondents from Ethiopia reported. The first lava over-spilled the rim of the containing crater at midnight of 15-16 Jan 2016. It seems that the situation is similar to the spectacular events in November/December 2010 when the lava lake last overflowed. ... [more]

Thursday, Dec 17, 2015
We present a selection of photographs taken on the 23rd of November 2015 during our first Danakil volcano expedition of this winter season! ... [more]

Volcanoes of Ethiopia and Eritrea

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Expeditions to Ethiopia's volcanoes:
Danakil desert (Ethiopia): Desert, salt and volcanoes
(expedition to Erta Ale volcano and the Danakil depression (Ethiopia))
Desert, salt and volcanoes - expedition to the Danakil desert and its volcanoes
13 days / 12 nights - Moderate
$ 4700  ? 
7-19 Feb 2016
28 Feb - 11 Mar 2016
13-25 Nov 2016
Experience one of the geologically most active areas on the planet and some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes: the Danakil desert, an active volcano with a boiling lava lake, the surreal landscapes of colors, salt, geysers, springs and fumaroles at Dallol, and the great salt lake - an unparalleled moonscape, where salt mining and trading has been going on with camel caravans since Biblical times.
On this expedition, we cross the Afar area from South to North, climb active Erta Ale volcano and stay full 3 days and nights on the volcano, as well as 2 full days at Dallol and the Great Salt Lake. At the miners' town of Ahmed Ela near Lake Assale we'll watch the centuries-old ritual of salt cutting, the shaping of salt blocks and the endless caravans arriving and leaving loaded with the precious "white gold".
We have thorough experience with this expedition as we have been organising it since early 2007. This is reflected in an excellent preparation , highly competent professional and friendly staff, close interactions with local people and delicious food prepared by our cook - which will more than compensate for the sometimes spartan character of living conditions we'll find ourselves in. ...more info

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